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Mark Lhoyd Centeno

Laboratory Manager

Mark is a registered human nurse by degree and found his passion for the veterinary world back in 2012. With a background of 5 years in human nursing as a hospital nurse/clinical instructor, an additional 10 years of veterinary nursing in Dubai, Mark ensures that every animal gets the good quality nursing care every animal deserves. When he is not making sure our donors get a positive and rewarding experience, Mark enjoys spending time with his family as well as his two little dogs.

“I love my nursing whether it’s human or animal. It’s more than a rewarding passion to know that my nursing serves and make difference to peoples and animals lives. It’s a great feeling that the little things you do each day contribute to the incredible lifesaving work!”

Hugo Rochette

BA (hons), MSc
Branding & Communication

Hugo Rochette, also known as “the marketing guy” is a French expatriate from birth who lived in a grand total of 10 countries so far. This lifestyle never allowed him to have a dog at home so he spends most of his time petting the ones that come through our doors instead of doing actual work. With his masters in marketing (MSc) from the University of Bath and his 8 years working in the advertising industry, he is the one in charge of our branding and communication.

Dr Alberto Giráldez Sánchez


Alberto graduated from the University of Cordoba, Spain and gained his experience as a Small Animal Veterinary Surgeon both in Spain and the UK. Apart from working in first opinion practices, he also performed a General and a Surgical Internship in a referral center, The Animal Health Trust (Newmarket), prior to moving to Dubai in 2016.

A little about Alberto. He is from Andalucia, known as the cradle of Flamenco. He spent his childhood and youth in Sevilla, a really nice place to visit around April during the Feria de Abril. You will be fascinated about the orange blossom smell, its monuments and tapas. He is a curious and motivated person who pushes himself to learn new things every day. He loves food and cooking, with special interest in desserts. Alberto is very dedicated to his family and animals are his passion.

Dr Dorian Gaeta

DVM, BSc (Hons), PgC (SAS), MRCVS

Medical Director

Dorian started his veterinary career working in various different countries dividing his time between charitable organizations and private practice. This culminated in completing a rotating internship at the prestigious Animal Health Trust in the UK. With a solid foundation, he pursued further qualifications in surgery obtaining his PgC in Small Animal Surgery. The urge to participate in the advancement of veterinary science, research and practice however never subsided. Amalgamating his previous experiences both in clinical practice as well as charity work, a new concept was born: Small Animal Blood Bank Veterinary Clinic and Laboratory.

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Whatsapp: 056 217 5577

SaBB Clinic & Laboratory,

Warehouse 3/3, Street 29 Dubai Investment Park 2UAE,

Makani #: 18250 64042



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