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Let's make it a dog help dog world.


Provide simple alternatives to improve animal welfare and educate veterinary professionals benefiting patient outcome.

Approach to donors

At SaBB we make sure our blood is not only safe but ethically procured.

For this reason we have adopted a community approach for our canine donors. We furthermore do no sedate our canine donors for blood taking. Instead, emphasis is placed on the willingness of both dog and owner to be donors.


SaBB does however maintain cats on site to be blood donors. Due to the stressful nature of travel for cats as well as the need to sedate them for blood taking; adopting a community approach similar to that of dogs is not viable.

Therefore, working closely with rescue organisations, we take in former street cats for two years to be service animals (similar to a guide dog). Following their service they are adopted into forever homes. 

The meaning behind the SaBB logo

When our Branding and Communications Manager designed our logo, he had a specific image in mind.

For him, the image of an animal placing his or her head on your lap and tilting to look up at you demonstrated trust, affection and a bond. This bond between animal and man is the driving force behind SaBB.

"The logo puts animal care at the core of what SaBB stands for and will serve as a constant reminder that our animals look to us for protection and care"

(The Marketing Guy)


The idea for our Small Animal Blood Bank, affectionately known as SaBB was born from a mutual love of animals (veterinarians and pet owners alike).


We came together wanting to forge a path in the world of Veterinary Medicine in the Middle East. Our aims were simple, make a difference to animal welfare in the region and help increase awareness for animal blood banking globally.


We founded SaBB at the end of 2020 and finally opened our doors to the public in May 2021.

Our Story

Call: 045 911 007

Whatsapp: 056 217 5577

SaBB Clinic & Laboratory,

Warehouse 3/3, Street 29 Dubai Investment Park 2UAE,

Makani #: 18250 64042



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